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Training for Before, During and After a Disaster

Ready Marin is Marin County’s website for information on emergency preparedness, whether you are just learning or an experienced emergency volunteer. Our mission is to provide guidance, training and resources to keep you and your family safe during an emergency, whether it requires you to evacuate or shelter in place. You will find information and links to resources, checklists, and training opportunities.


In the event of an emergency, our first responders will be overwhelmed. It is critical for citizens to be prepared to take care of themselves, their neighbors, and their community for at least 3 days, and preferably 5-7. The "Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)" training is a national program to train citizens to help fill the gap between a disaster or emergency, and the arrival of professional services. CERT classes are conducted several times each year and require (2) 8 hour classes given over a weekend.

Additionally, Marin County launched a program on September 29, 2007, called "Get Ready Marin!" to train all residents throughout the county how to prepare for, survive through, and recover from any type of disaster.  The free 2-hour disaster preparedness classes are being held in various locations and times throughout Marin to make it convenient for residents to sign up.

Marin County is especially susceptible to numerous hazardous conditions due to its seismic activity, topographic layout, high winds, narrow access roads, and close proximity of buildings, homes, and vegetation.  In the event of a major disaster, such as an earthquake, emergency personnel will be overwhelmed and unable to provide assistance to everyone needing it.  The majority of our police and fire personnel do not live within the county, and travel will be very difficult for days.

"This program is crucial for residents' ability to help care for themselves in the event of an earthquake, flood, fire, or other major disaster.  Our goal is to train and prepare 100% of Marin households," said Bob Fox, Director of Emergency Services for Corte Madera, who is leading the comprehensive program for Marin County.

We have witnessed the devastation of disasters right here in the Bay Area, such as the Oakland firestorm, where flames jumped from house to house every seven seconds.  We have experienced massive flooding and destruction in San Anselmo, and we continue to watch major deadly tragedies such as Hurricane Katrina.  The citizens of Marin must prepare themselves.

For more information, please go to or email info[@]  All current Get Ready Marin and CERT classes and information are accessible from this from this main Marin County Preparedness website.


Get Ready Marin! classes at the Bolinas Fire Station:

- Call (415) 868-1566 for information and to sign up!

- What you need to know:

  •    Classes are free

  •    There is a 30 student maximum per class

  •    Classes last 2 hours

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