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The Bolinas Disaster Council

A photo of an emergency operation center

Example of an Emergency Operation Center

Photo of CERT training

CERT trained members moving a simulated patient

The Bolinas Disaster Council is organized and led by the Bolinas Fire Department. The Disaster Council’s volunteers are a vital portion of our town's Emergency Preparedness.These community members are trained and organized to assist the local First Responders. 

We know that in a large scale disaster, the fire department will be overwhelmed and many county services might take a while to get here.


The town is devided up into 12 Areas. Each Area has an Area Coordinator. During an emergency, Area Coordinators are the immediate “eyes and ears” to alert First Responders to changing conditions (e.g., neighbor or house in trouble, downed trees, power lines, flooding, etc.). They convey essential information via a two-way radio network to the fire station to help the firefighters prioritize their response.

We encourage residents to volunteer for this community role. You'll receive training and practice.


No special expertise is required.

Prepared volunteers also make up the Specialist Disaster Teams for other specific tasks such as Shelter Management, Medical Response and Emergency Operations Center.

The Bolinas Disaster Council asks you to join us by getting in contact with your Area Coordinator. Click here to go to the Members Page. There you can look up your Area Coordinator.


Whether or not you volunteer, let your Area Coordinator know where you live. Your safety may depend on it.

We also would like you to consider assisting with any of the Specialist teams. Bilingual English-Spanish volunteers also are very welcome. 

Also, consider signing up for a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training, which is taught by local firefighting personnel. 

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