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A NOAA Weather Radio can be an excellent source of information during emergencies, and prices start at just $20. Many receivers have an alarm feature, but some may not. Check the NOAA website for more details.

Local emergency officials can send an evacuation alert through the NOAA Weather Radio system, and this system was used successfully in Sonoma County during the 2019 Kincade Fire.

When an evacuation alert or severe weather watch or warning is issued by local officials or the National Weather Service, many NOAA Weather Radios are able to alert you with a loud warning tone or siren, giving you the seconds you need to evacuate or seek shelter.  Local agencies may issue evacuation notices through this radio-based system as well, providing a backup notification system to homes that may be without power or out of cellular communication range.

In late 2020, FIRESafe MARIN and the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority (MWPA) began a pilot program to distribute NOAA Weather Alerting Radios to some Marin residents.  This short video helps explain the configuration and use of these radios for alerting to weather and wildfire emergencies: NOAA Weather Radio Tutorial

NOAA Weather Radio Discount

FIRESafe MARIN can now offer a 30% off discount to Firewise Communities through MIDLAND for a total of $27.99 (w/ free shipping)when you purchase your NOAA Weather Radio at  Use the code "MARIN" at checkout for 30% off and Free Shipping. Offer good through 8/1/21.

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