The Bolinas Fire Protection District is governed by a five member Board of Directors. Members of the Board are elected by the residents and serve staggered four-year terms.  Board members must live within the Fire District boundaries. The BFPD Board of Directors meets on the fourth Thursday of every month at the Bolinas Fire Department located at 100 Mesa Rd. Bolinas, CA 94924.




 Board members receive no compensation or benefits from the District for their service.  Please visit,  for detailed information.



Elections for Board of Director seats take place in November of even-numbered years.  Any resident of Bolinas interested in running for the Board of Directors can find additional information about election procedures on the County of Marin's Elections/Registrar of Voters website.

Public Notice

Bolinas Fire Protection District Board of Directors Seat Openings 2020

Current Directors

     Claire Molesworth - President               November 2018 - November 2022


     David Kimball - Vice President              November 2020 - November 2024

              Ethics Certificate

     Nancy Torrey                                    November 2018 - November 2022

            Ethics Certificate

     Chris Martinelli                                 November 2020 - November 2024

     Simon Dunne                                    November 2020 - November 2024



      Isaac Taylor - Administrative Manager

You can contact any member of the Board by calling the Bolinas Fire Station at 415.868.1566, by addressing a letter to P.O. Box 126,  Bolinas, CA. 94924 or by emailing